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About the Ranch

The headquarters for Apishapa Ranch is located in Southeastern Colorado just five miles south of Fowler.  The prairie ranch is owned by the Larson Family-Bill and Rita Larson and their three sons.

Eric and Jennie Larson have three children - Jessica, Blaine and Coby.  Eric has a Doctorate of Beef Nutrition and is in charge of the ranch feedlot cattle and cow herd nutrition.  He also is in charge of LNS-Beef Research where he does yearling and cow-calf grazing trials and receiving, backgrounding, growing and finishing feedlot trials.  Additionally, he is a nutrition representative for Midwest PMS.

Adam, the second son, is married to Sabrina and manages the  accounting and financial matters of the ranch.

Luke and Kate Larson have one son - Ledger.  Luke handles resale cattle procurement, cattle investing and risk management.

The ranch has a rich history of tradition.  Put together by Jeter Arnold, it started out as sheep fold.  Jeter's partner, Clark Harriman fenced the open prairie and began raising cattle.  The rest is history.  The Larson's purchased approximately half the original spread in 1991 and renamed it after the Apishapa River that runs through the ranch.  They have modernize and regenerate the facilities and land.

The best way to learn about the ranch and appreciate its history, culture and scenic beauty is to visit us, see Map).


 Contact us at:

Apishapa Ranch LLC

29940 County Road 4 

Fowler, Colorado 81039

Give us a call at:
719-263-4849 - fax

 or just drop by 



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