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About the Ranch

This is a land of extremes and steeped in tradition.  A place where God paints the landscape with rolling green grasslands, deep rustic caverns, winter wonderlands of crisp white snow, with crystals clinging to the trees.  One minute the land aches for a drink of water, the next itís streams and ponds are swelling with water and the prairies can float a Sooner.  This historic ranch is bisected by the Apishapa River, a major tributary of the Arkansas River, that flows from the Spanish Peaks northeast toward the town of Fowler, Colorado. The Apishapa River cuts a deep canyon into the open grassland.  The ranch name comes from the river and the native Apishapa culture coined by archaeologists which represented a tradition of hunter/gatherers who sometimes farmed beans and maize on the land. They gathered wild plants and hunted bison, deer, prong horn, rabbit and other small game.  At Picture Canyon, known for its rock art, the Apishapa lived on the canyon rim and farmed on itís floor.  Later, parts of the ranch were developed into a historic sheep fold.

Now owned by the Larson Family -  A family of extremes also.  Comfortable branding cattle, horseback checking pastures, or attending a Denver Art exhibit.  They support family and community livelihoods and are stewards of the land and itís inhabitants.

This scenic, family-owned, working ranch is utilized for r

  • Custom Cattle Grazing and Feeding     
  • Grain-Fed Custom Beef    
  • Custom Buffalo Feeding    
  • Hunting/Recreation by Appointment   
  • Rock Landscaping for Sale  
  • Charolais Bulls for Sale                                                  
  • Ark Valley Club Calves for Sale                                                                                      

The best way to learn about the ranch and appreciate its history, culture and scenic beauty is to visit us, see Map).

 Contact us at:

Apishapa Ranch LLC

29940 County Road 4 

Fowler, Colorado 81039

Give us a call at:
719-263-4849 - fax

 or just drop by



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