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Cattle Finance App.




Ordway Cattle Feeders, LLC

  • 55,000 HEAD CAPACITY

Joe Spitz - General Manager

Tyler Karney - Manager

Kent Ricken - Office Manager/Controller

Lloyd Whitaker: Midwest Customer rep - 719-469-0520

Willie Bovard: NW Customer Rep. - 509-989-2492

719-267-3551 - office voice
719-267-3501 - office fax

19424 Hwy 96
Ordway, CO 81063


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Ordway Cattle Feeders is ideally located in a low precipitation pocket (under 12 inches annually) in southeastern Colorado. We pride ourselves on maintaining mud-free pens year around. Low humidity also takes the "bite" out of winter cold and summer heat.

We also pride ourselves on updated technology resulting in a more efficient, customer-friendly feeding environment. In the fall of 2011, we completed an energy saving, highly efficient, bay-style feed mill. The mill is equipped with 2- "24x48".and 1- "24x56" steam flake rollers; capable of producing large quantities of feed in a short amount of time.

Services provided by Ordway include:

* Financing - cattle, feed and hedge positions

* Risk Management Consultation

* Marketing - all four major packers bid on our cattle in the cash market every week. We also have access to many value-based alliances and grids.

* Information - For our retained owners we can provide you with performance information and carcass data to help you make management decisions at home.



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